Aa Karaala Ratri (2018)

A family residing in Chikmagalur suffers from absolute poverty, thus making them work really hard to sustain their family life. Muthanna is a simple man who does nothing but spend the money he earns on saarayi (a local drink). His wife Gowramma is a kindhearted woman, who is known for her nursing skills. Their daughter Mallika is an outrageous, fearless women, who is frustrated as her desire for lust is being wasted. The trio live peacefully, until one day, when a soothsayer visits them and tells them their fortune would change overnight.

The very next day, a tall, handsome man called Channakeshava visits Muthanna’s house and stays back on some pretense. Mallika starts falling in love with Channakesahva, but he doesn’t reciprocate. When Muthanna’s landlord asks him to pay back a loan by offering his daughter, Channakeshava, who overhears the whole conversation, decides to help the family. Like Pandoras Box, he opens a suitcase that leaves the home burning to ashes.

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