Orange (2018)

Santosh (Ganesh) travelling in train meets a girl named Radha and befriends her. She gives him a orange and saying has she has love with her boyfriend (Harish Raj) but her father Huli Veerayya (Avinash) disapproves them. she asks Santosh’s to approving her parent’s. Radha goes to out from somewher, He finds her but not finds her.

Santosh goes to Huli Veeriah’s home and stays there to convicing their. once day Radha cameback to home. In the village, Narasimhanayaka (Dev Gill) insults huli veeriah and tries to trouble Radha. Santosh enters ther and fights him, throws him out. Some comical events occurs in home. Someone steals necklaces from that home and puts blame on Santosh. He is throws him out. narasimha’s beats him and takes him. narasimha nayaka comes again and starts to troubling veerya. he shows capture santosh and fears them. In last Santosh fights him and saves all. finally he marries Radha.

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