Raaz (1981)

Seema is waiting at Bhavani Junction to take a train to join her work at an estate of Kunwar Chandrapal Singh as a governess to his daughter.While Seema awaits for the train a handicapped man is wandering the station.Sujeet sees Seema alone and tires to get close to her while train moves Seema boards it and Sujeet shares the same compartment.A stranger suddenly enters the compartment and while the train moves to a dark tunnel he shoots Sujeeet and then is seen relaxing when the train reaches the station the killer exits and Seema starts shouting of the murder.She gives her verdict of the murder to the cops and moves to her work place.Seema shocks to see Chandrapal Singh being the same person who killed Sujeet she is like a house arrest in Chandarapal’s home.Inspector Khan who is investigating the case feels Seema knows much more then what she told the cops.Seema is mum as Chandrapal Singh has bought her niece from hostel to stay with them.

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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