Ustad Hotel (2012)

The story is about a young man named Faizal, known as Faizi (played by Dulquer), who studies in Switzerland as a chef against the wishes of his father (played by Siddique). When this matter comes to light, his father snatches away his passport to prevent him from taking up his new job in UK. As the relation between father and son deteriorates, Faizi is forced to work as a cook in a restaurant in Kozhikode (Calicut) run by his grandfather Karim (played by Thilakan) till he can plan something alternate.

A strong bond develops between Karim, an elderly Sufi Muslim, and his educated grandson who, over the course of the story, learns about servitude and the purpose of his profession. He eventually decides to work permanently in the restaurant.

The film goes beyond its fun-filled moments to discuss issues of poverty, under-privilege and tensions between rich and poor in India. Food and its role in basic sustenance and bonding between people, becomes a central character.

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