Bhairava Geetha (2018)

Love knows no rules, and has no boundaries, and such is the setting of Bhairava Geetha. Geetha meets Bhairava and love is in the air. What causes issues here, however, is the fact that while Geetha hails from a modern city-dwelling family, Bhairava is a slave, who incidentally works for Geetha’s father. When Geetha professes her love for Bhairava, all hell breaks loose – at home, as well as in the entire village.

Rich girl and poor boy fight society for love — the story line is one that has been the crux of many films in the past. However, it is also a story line that audiences will probably never tire of hearing, and directors will probably continue to tell, albeit with a difference in how they tell it. This one highlights the issue of slavery, thereby offering its lead stars ample scope to perform.

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