Chi La Sow (2018)

Anjali (Ruhani Sharma) rings the doorbell. Arjun is literally caught with his pants down. He blames his parents for putting him in such a piquant situation. His mother implements a bizarre idea. Arjun is not interested in getting married for at least another five years because he’s got some goals but parents being parents do their best to try to convince him. Just so that he and the girl will have some time to understand each other, she organises for the girl to go over to their house and meet up with Arjun without anyone else being in the house.

Arjun comes directly to the point and tells the girl that he does not have marriage in mind for another five years. To his surprise, Anjali too tells him she also had no such inclination after having seen the attitude of some suitors. She would rather take care of her ailing mother. The conversation extends. Anjali is only worried about how she should break the news to her mother that this ‘attempt’ at getting married has failed. Arjun gets curious. It is from this that debutant director Rahul Ravindran gets the audience engrossed.

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