Circus Queen (1959)

The simple plot of the film revolves around a circus, The Great Punjab Circus where a five-year- old child has entered the lion’s cage and it is left on Usha Devi, the star performer of the circus – famous world over as, Circus Queen to help rescue the child. Later it is discovered that the child had been lost and the father, wealthy Seth Hiralal is desperately looking for his child. However a mole of a gang of kidnappers who works with the circus informs his gang and they come looking for the child. Following the gang is Detective Kishore who also lands up at the circus. The gangsters however prove to be more than a match for the detective as they successfully kidnap the child from the circus. How Usha Devi, the Cirus Queen and Detective Kishore fight the bad guys and round them up and how they rescue the little child makes for a breathtaking suspenseful viewing.

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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