Tumhare Liye (1978)

Gauri (Vidya Sinha) and Prakash (Sanjeev Kumar) are in love and get intimate. Prakash is expected to marry Renuka (Neelam Mehra), as she meets his family’s approval; but he chooses Gauri. But after marriage, Gauri starts behaving strangely. She falls ill, and is hospitalized. It is here that the truth surfaces about the past lives of Gauri and Prakash. In their past birth, they were lovers – Gangadhar Upadhyay and Gauri- and Renuka was Kalavati, who loved Gangadhar. During their previous births, too, Gauri had got pregnant, fallen ill, and died because of Kalavati’s interference. The child in Gauri’s womb did not survive, resulting in Gangadhar’s death. In the present birth, the only way Prakash can survive is if someone who loves him sacrifices her life for him. And that person cannot be Gauri, as her death will lead to the death of the child in her womb, and subsequently to Prakash’s death. Renuka is now prepared to kill Gauri so she can get Prakash all to herself. This movie inspired many other movies in later years.

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