Shatamanam Bhavati (2017)

Raghavaraju (Prakash Raj) 69 is a farming landlord in Atreyapuram village of Andhra Pradesh. He lives with his wife Janakamma (Jayasudha) 64, along with Ragahvaraju’s son Bangararaju (Naresh) 51 his wife 48, and his son Raju (Sharwanand)25. Raghavaraju lives in this ancestral house built by his forefathers consisting of many generations living in the same household as a Joint family. However with changing times Ragahvarju’s NRI two other sons, Ravi and Kalyan “Nani” and NRI daughter Jhansi live in the United States 47, Canada 40, and Australia 43 as nuclear families. After a gap of ten long years, all his children arrive in the village during the holiday season of Makar Sankranti, under mysterious circumstances after they receive an email from Raghavaraju who expresses his wish to divorce his wife Janakamma.

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