Daawat E Biryani (2019)

Starring Chiranjeet, Suhasini Mulay, Jayant Kripalani and Sauraseni Maitra in lead roles, this Aditi Roy directed Bangla movie is essentially a love story with various layers. Ronojoy (Chiranjeet) is a student of Farsi. He falls in love with his best friend Mansoor’s (played by Jayant Kripalani) sister Aafreen (played by Suhasini Mulay). They meet away from the prying eyes of others. Only Mansoor’s wife is aware of their love story. Ronojoy gifts Aafreen a notebook which has the recipe of biryani made by the cooks of Wajid Ali Shah. Aafreen, a great cook, uses the recipe to make the most delectable biryani. However, tragedy strikes and Aafreen’s family finds out about their love story. Her brother Basheer threatens to kill her if she dares to leave the house. Aafreen elopes with Ronojoy, leaving the precious notebook behind.

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