Situm (1982)

Inder, a star football player of a team thinks himself guilty of killing another football player Subhash who dies after the impact of football hit on his head which is kicked by Inder. He tries to ask for forgiveness from Meenakshi, Subhash’s wife. He also gets affectionate with Subhash and Meenakshi’s son. But, Meenakshi insults him and calls him killer and the person who has ruined her life. This has deep impact on Inder who is now bedridden, unstable and mentally ill, in Dr. Gindes Hospital. He starts showing signs of recovery when Meenakshi starts meeting him after she realises that Inder’s illness is caused by her. In their regular meetings, Inder starts taking an interest in her, it becomes challenging for Meenakshi to reciprocate his affections. The dilemma before her is that if she spurns him he risks losing all signs of recovery.

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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