Tamasha (1952)

A young heir-apparent, Dilip (Dev Anand) is hopelessly in love with an aspiring film actress, Nayantara (Kaushalya), who together with her scheming mother (Sunalini Devi), a struggling director (Randhir), and an assistant who actually want him to finance her launching pad. The stumbling block is Dilip’s ailing grandfather, Rai Saheb (Bipin Gupta) who is dead against the alliance and constantly warning him to break away from the actress that will otherwise only bring shame to the family. Although Dilip keeps assuring him that he has severed all ties, and is, in fact, dating a homely girl from a middle-class family, he is actually besotted with the actress who is simultaneously in an unholy alliance with big star Ashok Kumar (Ashok Kumar). Persuaded by Rai Sahib, Dilip hires the services of Kiran (Meena Kumari) as his new love interest. As Kiran gets more and more comfortable as the housekeeper, Dilip gets caught in the whirlpool of his own creation, drowned in his infatuation with Nayantara and admiration for Kiran.

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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