Gunaah (1993)

In Goa, India, the body of a young man is rescued by fishermen, who is then nursed to consciousness by Dr. Joe D’Costa albeit with a memory loss. Five years later he manages to regain his memory, when he came into contact with someone from his past. He now remembers that he is Ravi Sohni, a Journalist, whose task was to expose a politician by the name of Mahinder Singh. He does so resulting in the death of Mahinder only to later on find out that Mahinder was not a corrupt politician but he was being used as a pawn to bring him down. Ravi then sets off to correct the wrong done by him only to find out that he just devastate the life of the woman he loved – Kavita, who happens to be the daughter of Mahinder. He gets the shock of a life-time when he came into contact with Kavita as she not only hate him but is now marry to Dr. Ashok Khanna – who is serving time for murder in prison, and may be sentenced to death soon. Ravi then attempts to re-open a trial that had been cold for 5 years and to punish the person(s) responsible for up-turning his life.

Watch Online (Youtube)

Watch Online (Youtube)

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