Rama O Rama (1988)

Sukhiya is a drunkard who survives on drinking on the money his wife and children earn through begging.After his wife dies he sells his elder son Sandeep to a criminal Roy his younger son Sonu manages to escape.Years later Sandeep takes away the crime business of Roy and lives with memories of his separated brother.Sonu is now a drummer and singer and calls himself Vicky he falls in love with Hema daughter of middle class bus driver John Dsouza .The Dsouza’s approve their relationship.But when Sandeep sees Hema he falls in love with her and also saves her and Vicky’s life from Sahoo Dada thus getting close to the family he also proposes Hema for marriage .John is unable to pay bear the marriage expenses of his four daughter’s Sandeep promises him that he will take care of all their expenses and offer his son a job in USA.As the family gets indebted by Sandeep they ask Hema to marry him instead of Vicky.Sandeep is unaware that Vicky is his own brother and he is taking his love away.

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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