Lover (2018)

Raj (Raj Tarun) is carefree custom-bike maker who yearns for a family of his own. Charita (Riddhi Kumar) is a responsible nurse who wants to lead a life that is worth something. However, when she gets embroiled in a deadly conspiracy, how will the lovers get out of the dangerous situation?

Raj Tarun delivers a good enough performance as a man looking for some stability in his life. His new look seems to suit him too, without coming across as wannabe. Riddhi Kumar refreshingly plays a beautiful and independent girl with a mind of her own. It is unfortunate that the filmmakers turn her character into nothing more than a damsel-in-distress by the end of the film. Rajiv Kanakala delivers a subtle and strong performance as Jaggu, trying his best to do well by his family. It is Subbaraju, Sachin Khedekar and Ajay however who are truly wasted in this tale, with their characters projected as caricatures of something more.

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