Bhaskar Oru Rascal (2018)

School friends Akash (Raghavan) and Shivani (Nainika) have a contrasting nature. While the former is calm and mature, the latter is aggressive and impatient. The only similarity they share is that both of them are brought up by single parents. Akash’s father, Baskar (Arvind Swami), a businessman, is known for his reckless behaviour. He is always game for a physical fight if someone rubs him the wrong way. This nature of his brings embarrassment for Akash and his grandad (Nasser). On the other hand, Shivani’s mother, Anu (Amala) is calculated and cool-headed, having taken care of her family following her husband Sanjay’s (Aftab), demise.

Akash and Shivani decide to unite Baskar, a widower, and Anu, a widow. Will things happen as per the kids’ plan? Can someone like Anu tolerate Baskar, for her daughter’s sake?

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