Panghat (1943)

Durgaprasad Chaturvedi had built a community well so that people from his village as well as the nearby region could draw their water. After the passing away of Durgaprasad, his son Jamunaprasad has taken over the estate and the administration of the well, and has placed a number of restrictions on who can draw the water, mostly influenced by his devout Hindu wife. When Jamunaprasad’s daughter, Radha, matures, he decides to get her married to Mohan, the son of a businessman named Trivedi. Mohan arrives, meets with Jamnunaprasad, his wife, and Radha and there is mutual approval on both sides. Things end up in chaos when Jamunaprasad finds out that Mohan is not who he claims to be, but is, in fact, a struggling actor by the name of Kiran Kumar, who has further alienated himself from him, when he discloses that he would like to share the well water with all villagers. With Jamunaprasad putting his foot down, looks like Mohan alias Kiran may not even get to marry Radha leave alone influence who is or not qualified to draw water from the well.

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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